Friday Name Day #1

Fridays are worth waiting for! To celebrate this new found outlet, I’ve decided to make Friday, Name Day. With babies on the brain, it’s easy to get carried away in perfect baby names, so each Friday I’ll pick one boy’s name and one girl’s name I love, and share my thoughts and feelings. Here are this week’s names!

I have loved the name Rudy for a long time. It’s one of those rare names that works for a tiny, adorable little boy, as well as an adult. One of my biggest personal hang ups is when a baby has an adult name – like Brad or Gary. (No one names their baby Gary, someone names their thirty year old son Gary.) The name Rudy is a strong, short name that can be cute or handsome. It rolls off the tongue but it’s got the strong ending with the “dy.” Another super cool thing about the name – it means “Famed Wolf.” (Okay, technically Rudolf means Famed Wolf, but that’s fine.) I also love the short name, all of my brothers have 4-letter names and I find that they look pretty – short names are sweet!

Inspired by Ferris’ girlfriend from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” of course, the name Sloan is a wonderfully unique girl’s name that’s strong and super unusual. It literally rolls off the tongue (even more so than Rudy) and although it sounds more mature than some other girl names I like, it’s a memorable name that will grow with her as she gets over.  (And Mia Sara, am I right?) It comes from the early Irish name Sluaghadh, which means invasion, or warrior, or expedition. How bad ass is that? Very. And with the capital S, the word itself is beautifully asymmetrical.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Name Day! What do you think of the names Rudy and Sloan?


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