All This Baby Crafts

Get it? It’s a play on crap. Because it is everywhere. So many girls I knew in high school and college are either pregnant or raising toddlers. I know they only put the good stuff on Facebook, but even so, a part of me is jealous. One of the easiest things to be jealous about? Baby stuff.

I’m a crafty person over all (crafty as in “enjoys making things by hand” not “devious and deceitful”) and I am always looking for a new project. I can sew, paint, cross stitch, dye, braid, paper mache, glass etch – OOF – and I am doing these constantly. Whenever I see tiny home-made booties or a hand-painted changing table, all I want to do is make my own and fill it with a baby or eight.

To get past this, I have a secret pinterest board for baby things. I’m saving them for when I have a reason to make them and 9 months to do so. In the mean time, I’m enjoying practicing less kid-friendly crafts. Here are a few crafts to keep your hands (and nesting instincts) busy before baby –

Experiment with a number of horrible inappropriate cross stitch patterns.

Or knit yourself a beautiful penis cardigan.

OR! Just redecorate your entire apartment and buy yourself this.

I hope these few adult-only crafts help you get through another day of baby craze, and help ward off the always present fever. Happy crafting, bitches!


One thought on “All This Baby Crafts

  1. Making all of my daughters hair bows I’ve saved a lot of money.. but spent a lot on my addiction to making them as well! So good luck to you when you have a baby!


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