Friday Name Day #2

Here we go again! Some more names that have been swimming around in my head for ages. Imagining their little name plates, monogrammed blankets, seeing them try to write their name for the first time (yeah, yeah, that’ll be years later, I know.) Here is my second Friday Name Day!

I’ll be the first to admit it – it’s an unusual name. I’ve never met any one in person with this name, but I’ve read (and written) characters with this name and I just love how it sounds. Much more unique than Jack, but still short and simple. (I like short names, in case you hadn’t noticed.) Also yes, before you ask, I’m familiar with the downfall of Ajax in Greek mythology, but he was at one point a great warrior and the name has stuck with me since reading the Iliad in middle school. I’m also a sucker for unusual names with an “x”! How unique!

Another not-so-feminine girl’s name, I have only recently come to like the name Reed. Fit for both a boy or girl, I prefer it for a girl because it sounds so … solid? That may sound strange but Reed sounds like she would stand her ground. I can’t say for certain whether Elliot Reed from Scrubs is influencing my vision of a little girl named Reed, but if it is, that’s okay! It’s an old English name that sounds much more unisex than it is. It would also go beautifully with a feminine middle name, maybe along the lines of Victoria or Evelyn. As you can tell, I’ve been thinking a lot about this one recently!

I hope you enjoyed another Friday Name Day! Know anyone named Ajax or Reed? What do you think of these names?


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