Babysitting – Satisfying My Savings & My Mommy Instinct

Since I was struck with my sickness (baby fever, for those just joining us) I have been getting advice from many different sources. The thing that varies the most between helpful hint givers is whether or not to spend time around kids. Half say that it’s better to avoid them – push it out of your mind until you’re ready, otherwise you’re just torturing yourself. The rest say to spend time around kids to get your fill, hang out with nieces or nephews or offer to babysit.

Kids are constant wildcards.
Sure, why not?

The answer to me was very clear. I need to be around kids.

Growing up with numerous younger siblings, mothering/babysitting has always come naturally to me. I love being around little ones and watching them discover the world. I babysat as a teen to make some side money, but I’ve been lucky enough to continue it as a side job into my 20’s. With a number of references and awesome websites like, I was able to quickly begin babysitting for three families when I moved to a new city. I’ve put all that money away into savings and I get to spend time almost every weekend with adorable kids that enjoy having me around – plus we always get to play outside and do crafts! Two of my favorite kid-friendly pass times.

If you’re on the fence about whether babysitting will help or hurt your baby fever, all I can say is that it definitely varies person to person. But I’ve been so lucky as to be able to build a great friendship with some of these great families, and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the neighborhood little ones – and I can only hope they enjoy spending time with me too!


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