My Stinky Cat

Last month, I had to rush my cat to the vet because she was behaving weirdly  – suddenly she was going into the litter box every fifteen minutes and crying. After 3 trips to the vet, 2 weeks of antibiotics, dozens of cat scratches, and an overhaul of her kitty litter station, she’s all better. That little bugger is lucky we love her so much.

What makes me bring it up here, is that I consider my cat my practice kid. She’s needy sometimes and keeps me up at night, but when she’s in the mood to cuddle it melts my heart. I rescued her almost 2 years ago (July 19th will be our rescue-versary) and she has become one of the best parts of each day. I brought her home only a month after I moved to my new city, to help cope with all the changes in my life, and for companionship. She has delivered on all fronts!


She’s also incredibly easy to care for. My first job in my new town had me working bizarre hours, to the point that I left in the afternoon, after my roommate had gone to work, and got back late at night after she’d long gone to bed, and I was working weekends – I had almost no social time. But my kitten, who I so lovingly call Stinky Butt Face most of the time, always waited up for me. I’m confident my mommy madness would have hit much harder if I didn’t already have this fluff ball to take up my attention.

On the other hand, she often takes care of herself. I guess I imagine having a cat like having a teenager – she wants to be left alone, fed, pampered, and taken care of when she’s sick. (The occasional cuddles are definitely the outlier here.)

I could never have taken care of a tiny human when I first moved to this city, living in a small apartment and working evenings, but rescuing a cat and making her mine settled a lot of feelings that otherwise would have made my new life much more tumultuous. So basically I’m recommending that you get a cat, or a puppy, if you’re plenty far out from trying yourself! (But dear god, I REALLY recommend avoiding the baby-and-a-puppy-in-a-year scenario, if you can help it!)


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