Friday Name Day #3

And another one! I hope everyone else is really enjoying these Friday get togethers…

One of the most old school names I would ever consider, I’m a sucker for old English names (sometimes). The big thing that gets me with this name is the easy nicknames. Need a little kid nickname? Eddie! Need a more adult name for when he gets his first job interview? Ed! Or Edwin, if he’s applying to be an English Literature professor. It’s one of those names that can be adjusted to fit the occasion, which I always find fascinating. The name also goes well with all kinds of last names – whether they be long or short or hyphenated. Another cool thing? It means “rich friend” which I find charmingly funny. It sounds very high class, but would fit a humble gentleman quite well.

Without a doubt this is the most feminine name on my list. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you why I find this so much more charming than other feminine names (especially other flower names.) The “V” is definitely part of it, but that’s really all I can put my finger on. The rest is just how it sounds to me, strong but girly, classical but popular, and oddly unique. So this is my go-to girly girl’s name for now! I also find the nickname” Vi” really sweet. A lot of people I know have very short nicknames and I’ve always found that to be a nice secondary option to a two or three syllable name.

What do you think of the names Edwin and Violet? Know anybody with those names? Let me know!


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