Friday Name Day #4

A little late but we’ll date it back – don’ t worry! See my last entry about being crazy, busy, and baby-free if you’re looking for a good excuse.

But back on track! This time for a Friday Name Day with some interesting inspiration…

Navidson (Navy)
This unique/peculiar name comes from an amazing book I once read. (It was House of Leaves, for anyone looking for a completely immersive thriller experience.) I had such an emotional reaction to it that the main character’s name, Navidson, stuck with me in a very strong way. His wife called his Navy, which strikes me as an adorable nickname for a baby boy and eventually a friendly young man. The longer version sounds strong and authoritative. My biggest qualm would be the constant repetition of “Navidson, like Davidson but with an N” and having to spell the name twice over the phone, which I personally understand quite well. Also not sure of how much I like the connotation of The Navy, as all my grandparents were in The Air Force! Overall soundwise, I absolutely love this name, and could probably get over the other meanings of the word. (Plus, the name doesn’t exist on baby naming sites – searching of the name pretty much only bring up references back to the source material!)

Another unique name inspired by great writing! This one comes straight out of the twisted BBC show Orphan Black, and I can’t believe I had never heard this name before then. It’s recorded as the feminine version of “Cosmo,” coming from Greek and meaning “order and beauty.” (Do I have a weird thing for Greek and Roman names? I might!) It looks beautiful, with all of the small letters following the large capital C and the single, central dotted i in the middle gives it a symmetrical kick. I’m generally a fan of strange and elegant names, and this one is near the top of both of those lists. And according to the internet, Cosima has never ranked among the top 1,000 baby names in the last 200 years or so – which makes it pretty rare!


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