Work – A Prime Example

I return to post after two weeks of silence, which stinks. But let’s turn this negative into a prime example of an unfortunate truth – I don’t have the time.

For the past two weeks I have been working on an amazing project with my office that has kept me at work 13 days in a row, with extra hours, dinner at the office, and virtually no personal time. And you know what? I think it was an awesome week. I am crazy proud of what we put together and I am totally okay with working insane hours on occasion for a job that I love.

But the situation is, honestly, that I can do things like this because my time belongs only to me and only me. Someday my time will no longer be mine, and I can’t wait for that day, but right now, I need all my time I can get.

I need my time so I can work and make money. I need my time so I can relax and have one on one time with my guy. I need my time so I can build friendships and relationship that will last through the tumultuous times which will inevitably arise when I finally get to have a tiny person in my life.

Right now, my time is still my time. I would like to think I’m using it wisely before I create another person who will suddenly own 110% of my time.

I guess we’ll find out some day.


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