Friday Name Day #4

I am constantly thinking of these name day posts, but my job has become insanely demanding. I love the job and I love the people I work with, but work stress is endless stress! Anyway – we’re back!

Such a favorite name. I find the name Harvey to be strong and elegant, it’s an old name but it can be worn well by all types! (Sometimes I worry about giving a kid a “tall” name and then they end up “short…”) The name itself means strong and worthy, and has been around for years, but is still not very common. Also, it’s helpful that Suits (a show I thoroughly enjoyed) on USA has an amazing leading man named Harvey. He’s strong and smart, but playful and casual when necessary. I love that!

Another Irish name that I just love – but definitely for a girl. I’m not even a huge Price and Prejudice fan, but the name sounds so gorgeous. Being quite Irish myself, my family has a lot of Irish names in it already, but not this one! We have plenty of Molly’s and a few last names that begin with O’, of course. The name also means “dark haired” and as it turns out I have pretty dark hair! With my current SO, dark hair is pretty much unavoidable, which works for me. Darcy is cute, rare, and memorable!

Do you like the names Harvey and Darcy? Do you know anyone with these names? Let me know!


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