Home Town Visits – Ovary Explosions

Pardon the graphic title but it really gets across the situation at an appropriate magnitude. Let me explain this further…

Last week, my S.O. and I were visiting our families. First, we visited his family (divorced parents, so it was two vacations in one) and I got to meet his extended family for the first time. I know his parents and siblings, but I met and got to know his grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and long time family friends.

Let me say this – I didn’t know I could enjoy this guy more than I have enjoyed him these last few years, but seeing him around his family and friends made me so happy! It was like seeing him in a light I hadn’t noticed before – he’s great with our friend groups but being in his home town brings out the best in him, and I loved it. He was excited and animated, thoughtful and polite, it was fantastic.

Next, we visited my family. He’s met my siblings and extended family already, but they love him and he is great with all my younger brothers. We also saw all of my best friends from growing up, and he got along with them swimmingly. He drank with them, talked with them, and we’ve already planned a future group vacation, which is great!

During the week, I felt a lot of feelings. Being surrounded by him and his closest family members made me imagine so much in the future. I pictured his mom at our wedding, I pictured spending time at his father’s house with our kids, I pictured his family and my family visiting OUR house some day, with his siblings and my siblings and lots of little new siblings.

This dream that I’ve had for so long, that’s been so abstract, became suddenly so much more concrete. It was an amazing feeling, but also frustrating because I know it’s far out.

It helps to be able to picture my future, but it’s hard to think about how far away it is.

Still got a lot of feelings, but I’m using them as motivation. I can’t wait for the future.


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