Friday Name Day #5

A name I NEVER thought I would like has grown on me more recently. And no, it’s not just because of Gwen Stefani’s son, I swear! It’s a strong name, with simple English origins, and the K at the beginning only adds to that classical strength. Although I’m not from New York, the idea of a name that comes from the name of a city is very interesting – it’s a more sane version of naming your child after a noun, like Stapler or Kite! I think Kingston is a great name that could go well with a classical middle name as well, like the name of a grandfather or great grandfather.

I will be the first to admit that this could sound like an old lady name, but I love it. I heard it for the first time from a coworker about their young niece – so maybe it’s not so old sounding after all! The Irish origins are facinating, appearing in Irish history/folklore as TWO queens. And according to some website, it means “she who intoxicates,” which is a VERY interesting name to live up to. It sounds so beautiful when spoken, and the lower case name is compact and simple. One syllable names just get me sometimes. I’m also a huge fan of the name Eve, but I couldn’t use it as a first name because I find it TOO short, and too iconic – and Maeve opens that door for a nick name in the future!

Do you know anyone named Kingston or Maeve? Would you name your kid either one of these names? Share with me!


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