My Friend With a Baby and a Half

About four weeks ago at the office, a coworker/friend of mine made a comment that sounded odd and out of place. Since then, I had noticed 6 or 7 MORE comments that seemed “out of place.” Today he finally told us – he and his wife are expecting their second child! Suddenly the comments and numerous “appointments” made sense. No one else in my office seemed to notice the baby hints, but my mind is always on the subject, so I was suspicious, and incredibly glad that they are indeed expecting!

After he told us, I found myself diving in. I have met his wife and 2 year old a couple of times, and they are the nicest people. They’re a few years older than me, and got married at a young age, and so much of me is jealous of his wife’s status as a stay at home mom. Their first daughter is thoughtful, clever, creative, funny, and full of joy. I can only imagine that their second (the gender is still TBD of course) will be just as wonderful.

He told me their struggles to get pregnant with their first child a few months back, and I was enthralled by the story, which makes this development all the more exciting. As much as I wish it could be my turn, it’s an amazing feeling to know that good people are getting this opportunity that is not yet open to me.

It makes me look forward to my own future, as I try to push away the pangs of selfish jealousy, to know that they tried for a long time to make it happen and their patience has payed off. Here’s hoping I can channel all my baby-loving energy into a few happy work lunches!


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