My Future Favorite Holiday – Kid Halloween

At this age, in this point in my life, my favorite holidays are as follows: Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day.

I love to imagine that when I’m older and running my own personal gang of mini-me’s, my favorite holiday will quickly become Halloween.

There is nothing more adorable than children in costume loving Halloween, I hope and hope and hope that my future kids will enjoy the holiday! Dress up and trick or treating are such an amazing visualization of a child’s imagination and the inner workings of their little minds.

Did you hear about the kid that dressed up as Santa this year for Halloween? Yeah, I’ve never heard an adult costume that was so ingenious. All the pictures I have of myself on Halloweens when I was a kid are such reflections of what I loved a that point – Pokemon, Harry Potter, one year I went as “the color blue” and a bunch of us made up the rainbow.

I can’t wait to find out what my future children are going to want to be for Halloweens to come!

What have your kids been for Halloween? What’s been their most original idea? Share and show us!


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