Friday Name Day #6

Yes, I’ve missed some Fridays. But it’s the holidays – who has time to write down their thoughts anywhere but on Christmas cards! But enough excuses, back to business.

This is one I’ve heard a lot recently, particularly from a friend with a nephew named Harper – full name Harper Matthew, which I think has a great ring to it that will grow with him as he gets older. It sounds elegant and professional but still functions as fitting for a young boy or an adult – which can be a hard balance to match with name without obvious nicknames. If you like it enough it might even work for a girl – who’s stopping you!

Honestly a name I never thought I would like, but it’s been growing on me! I’m also a big fan of the French counterpart – Fleur – but I personally don’t think I’m French enough to pull that off (does 12.5% French Canadian count?). Flora has a similar sound to it as another favorite, Fiona (nice and Irish!) but it sounds more feminine, in my opinion. Flora falls under the category of  flower/plant names, and also represents the Roman goddess of flowers. It’s such a beautiful name, could even go well with some a nice heavy-handed middle name like Flora Rose or Flora Lily!

What do you think? Do you know anyone named Harper or Flora? Let me know!


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