Friday Name Day #7

Here we go again! Here are some sweet THEMED names for this week (:

Anybody who’s anybody knows where this name comes from – the memorable classic character, AKA The Stable Boy and The Dread Pirate Roberts, Westley from “The Princess Bride.” I’ve always been a fan of Wesley, but the additional T in this one gives it a bit more bite. Not the mention the fantastic homage to one of Cary Elwes’ best characters of all time (arguably second only to Robin Hood). The names comes as a direct variation on Wesley, and is of obvious English origins. It also comes with a number of nicknames, anything from Lee to Wes to West to Westy (if you’re into dog nicknames.) It’s flexible and classy!

I’m not sure if more or less people will get this reference yet, but, Star Wars! I love how this name is spelt, I’ve heard it as a middle name before but I wouldn’t be surprised if this spelling and first-name usage quickly catches on after Star Wars comes out in December. It’s one of those few one-syllable names that fits for young girls and adult women. Though it sounds like a boy’s name, the spelling alone brings it into the unisex realm. And who wouldn’t want to name their kid after a space heroine? (I’m talk to you, parents of children named Luke.) Grab this one while it’s still new – it’s sure to spike in years to come!

How do you like the movie-inspired names Westley and Rae? Would you name your kids (or characters in your screenplay) after these characters? Tell us!


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