They’ve got me Surrounded

I interact regularly with 4 people at work. 2 of them have wives who are pregnant and the fourth just got engaged. Additionally, I’m still nannying on the side and one of those families is pregnant. And on top of THAT I have 2 close friends from high school and 2 friends from college who are currently expecting – That’s 7 babies. SEVEN. I will know SEVEN babies that will be born in 2016.

My first reaction? GREAT! That’s amazing. I hope I’m close enough with these people to be involved in this wonderful step in their lives and get to witness them all enjoying parenthood at a new level – some for the first time, some for the second, and some for the third.

So much of me wishes that was my only reaction. Mostly in regards to my friends that are my age having kids, I think to myself – what did I do in my life to have closed this young parent path? It is not a viable option at this point, and I feel like if I looked back, I could see years of missteps that took that avenue of life away from me. It will come up later in life, but then what am I doing now?

It seems I did something in my past, when kids were on the back burner of my brain, that’s shifted my present and my future. I chose to go to college and move to a new city – isn’t that something you’re supposed to do?

I read an article recently about baby boomers and generation y. We’re getting the short end of the stick here. I’ve heard all my life of my grandmother raising her daughters, my mother raised us kids and only got a job once we had all made it through elementary school – these women were mothers! A single laborer’s salary was enough to care for his wife and children. Today, buying land (let alone a house) is impossible, and unless your husband is a CEO, you’ll be working too to scrape by.

I feel like 15 year old me should have been looking out for 25 year old me so much more – but who can ask that of a kid?

Anyway – what was I writing about? Yes – being surrounded by babies to be. I hope to harness their energy in a positive way and let myself dream of the possibilities, rather than the hang ups of being so far away from it myself.


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