My “Extra” Money

And by extra, I mean the $12 or so that doesn’t cover all my bills. To cheer myself up a bit, here’s a breakdown of things I can buy with my income now, and an estimate of what that money will go to when I have kids.


  1. R-Rated Movie Tickets – $13
  2. Rum – $12
  3. Fast Food – $6
  4. New Release DVDs – $18
  5. Heels – $30
  6. HBO – $15
  7. Lyft to a Bar – $17
  8. Lingerie – $50
  9. Take out for Two – $25
  10. Anniversary Getaway – $500


  1. G-Rated Movie Tickets, even though he ends up on my lap half way through – $22
  2. Juice, in every flavor until he finds one he likes – $16
  3. Baby Food, most of which will end up on the ground for the cat to eat – $12
  4. Multiple copies of Frozen, because the first two were scratched – $36
  5. Flip Flops, because they can be easily put on with no hands $3
  6. Netflix KIDS!, because we won’t have time to watch grown up Netflix – $8
  7. Babysitter, so we can sleep in the next room – $45
  8. Diapers, that he’ll probably grow out of before they’re all used – $30
  9. Kid-Friendly Take Out for Three, because apparently there are kids out there that don’t like pizza – $50
  10. Family Vacation that leaves every exhausted, happy, thankful, and fulfilled – $500


I hope this makes you laugh, and makes you thankful for whichever stage of life you find yourself in now – whether it be the rum stage or the juicy-juice stage. I’ll continued to enjoy my time in stage one, before leveling up to stage 2 some day (:


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