Friday Name Day #8

Happy December! With the holidays around the corner here are some more baby names that make me feel all warm and cozy inside. Enjoy!

Here we go again, Irish baby mamas. I absolutely love this name. It is so very Irish and (not coincidently) similar in shape and origin to my own first name. Though I’m not recommending some Will/Willow Jada/Jaden Smith action, I do think it’s pleasant when family names seem to coordinate with each other. Nickname wise you can also go in a few different directions – I would personally go with the full name, because the 3 syllables run together so well, but “Killy” sounds sweet, if you can get over the imagery of “kill” in the name. Definitely not a deal breaker for me!

Side note: The spelling Cillian is the original Irish, but I’ve heard too many mispronunciations of Cillian Murphy’s name to go with the “C” here. (It also doesn’t help that auto correct wants to change Cillain to either Jillian, Gillian, or Lillian. No thanks.)

Another uncommon one, I’ve written multiple pieces of fiction with a character names Celeste. It sounds elegant and means “heavenly” and although it is considered masculine or unisex, I prefer it for a girl. It’s French (another pattern I’m seeing pop up in my name search!) and this might sound weird, but I love the letters in the name. Having a single vowel in your name is unique, and the combination just rolls off the tongue. If you were to go the nickname route, you’d probably have to make something up, but if it works, it work.

Do you like these names? Do they make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Share your stories!


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