Friday Name Day #9

I’m pretty positive I did two Friday Name Day #4’s, so this might actually be my 10th Name Day, but either way – here we go!

I will admit that this is a weird one, and I’m not totally sure how it got on my list. It might have snuck into my brain from a book, or website, or something, who knows! But I really like how it sounds – regal and professional, and VERY English, because it is. Supposedly it means “from the raven” which is very cool. It also lends itself to a nickname that I love, Remi! Or Remy, if you want to avoid any gender confusion on the unisex front. Reminton could grow up to be a high-stakes lawyer, and Remi could grow up to be an experimental chef!

This is one I’ve liked for a long time, but I often forget and pick up again a few months later. It’s a beautiful, one syllable, which is impressive when pulled off. The W is very unique, and I’m super into the bird reference (that showed up in Remington too!) I’ve been a fan of the name Robin too, but having had a cat named Robin (whose brother’s name was Batman) takes that name off my list, and Wren is a perfect replacement. Apparently the wren in Irish folklore is the “magician of birds” which also sounds pretty cool. Irish folklore is an awesome thing to reference when talking names with someone in my opinion.

Do you like these bird names? Know any other related ones? Let me know!


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