A Silent Month

I find it’s already too often that I post these “sorry I’ve been busy” write ups. I feel they show a side of the whole “to babe or not to babe” argument in a pretty poetic way, if I’m being honest.

I’ve had the most busy month of my life, since early February to this week. After returning from Sundance, I fell into an insane routine of booking myself solid. Although the distraction has been welcome, I feel badly that I’ve not been able to get this therapeutic writing in on my own time.

There are about 12 posts brewing in my brain, so I promise I will be writing the hell out of the next couple of weeks.

Some things to come in the near future:

  • Why I Love Cards
  • February: The Most Lovable Time of the Year
  • Genetics, a Mental Workout
  • Disneyland & My Aching Ovaries
  • Movies for My Future Kids
  • St Patrick’s Day: Before & After

I hope those might entice you in the coming weeks! Happy Almost Spring!


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