Genetics, a Mental Workout

I know I’m not the only one – I have been infinitely fascinated with genetics and how they work since I learned the basics of alleles and chromosomes in ninth grade. I’m even sometimes a sucker for those genetic algorithm websites – what are the odds of a my kid having a widow’s peak? Or being able to roll their tongue? These things are hardly noteworthy, but a part of me loves just doing the math.

The idea of blending everything about you with everything about your partner and popping out a one-in-a-billion little combination of the two of you is the most amazing thing about life in general. I love things about me, and I love things about my partner, and there’s nothing I want more in the world than a miniature person that combines myself with my favorite person in the universe – creating, indubitably, my other favorite person in the universe.

In case this has got you thinking, here are some fun little things you can predict (in general) about you & your partner’s future tiny ones.

You can tell a lot about what your kid might look like by taking into account what you & your SO’s parents look like. If you and your spouse both have black hair, but you each have a blond parent, your kid could have blond hair – because you & your SO are blond-hair-gene carriers. Other traits that work like this are light colored eyes (like blue), widow’s peaks, and attached earlobes. These are traits dominated by their opposite, so your children might get them if your parents have them!

Here’s one of my favorite super basic websites for doing baby genetic calculations.

Keep in mind it’s all in good fun, and honestly a lot of this is oversimplified. Human traits are a spectrum, and obviously, I am not a scientist.

But hey, a girl can dream, right?


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