Disneyland & My Aching Ovaries

It has been months since my boyfriend has started asking me to go to Disneyland with him. We’ve lived in California now for 3 years and he has been dying to go.

My reaction? No thanks, why would we pay that much money to go to a theme park targeted towards children?

Finally, thanks to my boyfriend’s mom who came to visit, we went to Disneyland. I couldn’t say no to a free trip, it would have been rude! And okay, I’ll admit, I might have been a little wrong about the adult thing. There were definitely plenty of things we did that wouldn’t have been possible if we had kids there with us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the winery, the roller coaster, and walking around crowds of people because we were the only ones who didn’t have a stroller in tow.

The problem was, all the parents and grandparents and families and groups with young kids, they really got to me. If I was enjoying Disneyland with my partner and his parents, what could make it better? Another generation of Disney lovers and Star Wars fans and Little Mermaid aficionados.

Every part of me aches to bring a child into this world, JUST TO GO TO DISNEYLAND. I went as a child to Disney World and I will swear that those are still some of my best memories. I want more than anything to share those memories with a little bugger of our own.

In line for one ride, a young mother waited with her little boys, they couldn’t have been more than 3 and 1 years old. The little one, in his mother’s arms, was a bit fussy. Without hesitation, the 3 year old began an impromptu game of hide and seek with the baby, cheering him up immediately. The sound of him laughing at his brother was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Their mother could not stop her own laughter, and her and I shared a smile and a glance over how cute the two were.

It was an amazing weekend, but I still feel the weight of the trip when I think about how far away those experiences are for me. Fingers crossed that the wait only feels shorter as the time goes on.

*image courtesy of Disney website


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