Friday Name Day #10

Happy Friday! This is a very special name day, as I dedicate it to one of my closest friends from childhood whose baby is due in ONE MONTH. We have photos together from when we were 10 years old, and now she’s going to be a mother. I am ready and set to send her cards and presents every single holiday, even the funny little ones. These are the two names that SHE has picked out for her baby – and they aren’t finding out the gender!

Okay, so technically not the baby’s name, but what Baby will go by if he’s a boy! Her husband is the third in his family with his name, and it’s a great name. I personally love the idea of family names, and calling their tiny little nugget of joy Junior just gives me butterflies. He will be such an adorable mesh of the two of them (who honestly could not look more different, with his black hair and hazel eyes and dark skin, and her blond hair, blue eyes, and light freckles). He will also be lucky enough to be surrounded by grandparents and family who love him (all in the same town!) and nothing fits adorable small town living than the name “Junior.”

I have always loved this name, since I met my first Bailey in high school, and when my friend told me they were considering it I was ecstatic! It’s unique, and unbelievable cute, not to mention memorable. I’m also a huge fan of calling the little lady “Bails” or “Bai” obviously. I’ve secretly got my fingers crossed for a girl because it doesn’t get much better than a B name for a baby, so we can call her Baby B. forever.

No matter what, I am so happy and excited for the couple and their future bundle of utter joy. They’ve got a happy marriage, an adorable home, all that’s missing is the tiny baby to fill it out.

Do you know any Juniors or Baileys? Any other nicknames for Bailey that you like?


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