Birth Control Pills & My Ever Ebbing (and Flowing) Emotions

Here’s a relevant update to my constant baby fever condition!

A few weeks ago, I got new health insurance as well as a new OBGYN. She’s nearby, she had great reviews, I was stoked. Upon arriving she was wonderful! Happy to chat, answered some questions. She also told me that, unfortunately, my insurance did not cover the cost of my current BC pills (I have been taking the same ones for about 10 years) and they would need to move me to a similar pill. The same hormones, just different levels. “It’s unlikely you’ll notice a change, but if anything negative happens, email me.”

I started the pills and so far the (likely) correlating symptoms include – rapid mood swings, cramps, spotting (which I had never experience before EVER), nausea and vomiting,  tiredness, insane sex drive, and amped up every one of my emotions. Not to mention, they have utterly obliterated any kind of control I have around babies.

Who knew birth control pills could throw your baby fever even MORE into high gear?

It’s been pretty rough. I was sad for a full week before realizing it was because I had literally not stopped thinking about babies for 168 hours straight. That was about 2 and a half weeks ago now, and most of the symptoms have died down, except for the baby mania. It is out. Of. Control.

Luckily I was able to talk to my SO about it, in a hugely tearful conversation one night, telling him about why I had been sad and how all the other emotions I was feeling – excitement about work, happiness to be seeing our families who were in town – were overshadowed by this big missing thing. For someone who does not feel baby fever in the slightest, he seemed to understand me.

But I even worry that my cat thinks I’m getting clinging.

For all the reading I’ve done on BC pills, it’s a bit disheartening that most signs do not point to hormonal birth control effecting women in any way other than as a placebo. Even if that’s the case, I’m hoping that the affects will change over time. The nausea has stopped, so maybe the mental sickness will slow down too. We shall see.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Did it pass?


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