Getting Back on Track

Hello again readers, or big empty universe.

As the world crashes down around me, figuratively speaking at this point, I’m drawn back to this. The thing that gets me from this day to tomorrow to the next day. My future is bright with shiny baby faces and no one can change that!

Last week I had a few huge moments for myself. I was awarded a small raise at work, got my holiday vacation approved, took care of a medical issue that was bothering me, and most importantly…

I spoke with my guy about what our future looks like. We’ve had all the talks, the cohabitation talk, the marriage talk, the paying-for-our-cat’s-dental-issues talk, and finally, the famous “I’m dyin’ over here, when can we have a BABY” talk. (It was a lot nicer than that, but my hormones are queen right now)

And we talked about it. And it was amazing. I had a timeline in my head, of when I wanted to start that stage of my life, and adjusted it considering my current work load and our relationship to what I felt was a reasonable compromise. And he agreed. It’s not that I doubted him, it’s that getting something definitive written down, an actual day that I can imagine, think of, countdown to (yes I’m already doing that) and PICTURE in my head.

Our goal is February 2019, right around my birthday. We have 2+ years to go, to live our lives, and prepare to do the COOLEST THING two people can do… take the coolest parts of themselves, build a little monster with the pieces, and hang out with it.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

    1. I consider myself lucky to have this self awareness as far as my innate goals in life. If this is something big that you’re discovering inside yourself you should really think on it and maybe approach the topic with your husband, you never know what might happen with alternative options. I hope you can find something good in those feelings! I’ve done some volunteer work with kids in the past, which has made me feel great and helped quell the baby rabies. Good luck to you!!


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