Friday Name Day #11

Heyyy PEOPLE! Happy Friday! Also happy TWO WEEKS UNTIL I GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS DAY. Can you tell I’m excited? I’m excited. And today’s pay day and we just started direct deposit, so I can describe my current mood as “finger guns and high fives” pretty confidently.

Anyway, Happy Friday Name Day! In honor of December and the holidays and family and all that junk, I give you two names that would be “family names” for Guy and me.

Yes, this name breaks the no-low-hanging-letters rule, but hey, no way can I use ALL of these Name Day Names, and I do genuinely like this one so we’ll let it slide. Phillip is one of those names that fits multiple categories – cute, sweet, but also professional and adult for when he’s older. Finding a name that’s both is tough! And Phil is a good nickname (which does abide by the low hanging letter rule.) This name comes from Guy’s side, it was the name of his late grandfather and a few other family members of his have it as middle names. No one has snagged it as a first name though so it’s up for grabs!

This name is one I’m warming up to in recent days (it helps that I’ve met 3 new Carries in the last couple months and they’re all amazing people). But this one would be after a male relative of mine who is one of the best people I’ve ever known. I’ve looked up to him my whole life and he’s gone through some tough times. As a fun added bonus, I was named after his mother, so we’d be a mother-daughter combo with the same names as their mother-son combo!

I think I enjoy family names because I have a namesake, and she’s been a huge part of my life, so why not pass it on to the next generation? I would be so happy if any of my siblings named a kid after me… (and obviously they’d quickly become my favorite niece)



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