Christmas Crafts!

Or, you know, holiday crafts, but I love me some good alliteration.

To keep the baby rabies at bay during the holiday season I do crafts. (Because seriously, the baby christmas photos I’ve seen so far have gone directly to my ovaries and they grow 3 sizes each time (get it? Like the Grinch.))

Here are some of my favorites!

Glass Etching

EVERYONE got glass etchings from me last year, from pilsner glasses to flasks to plates. It’s relatively easy if you have patience and a steady hand (good things to have for a baby too, amiright?) Here’s a simple How-To that’s close to what I usually do!
In addition to the tips given there, here are somethings I’ve learned –

  • I will say it’s good to windex the glass first so it’s clean
  • When you put your stencil on use something like a popsicle stick to make sure the seams aren’t open (you can tell by looking at the back of the stencil through the glass if any bubbles are near the edge and the cream might leak)
  • Lay the glass down when the etching cream is setting (and have something to hold it in one place and keep it from rolling)
  • Every 2 minutes or so move the etching cream around on the surface so that bubbles don’t form (make sure it all stays even covered though)
  • Leave it on for a little longer than they say like 10-12 minutes
  • And dry it off COMPLETELY before judging if you did a good job – it’s hard to see the etches space when the glass is wet.
  • (Oh, and if you don’t have vinyl, you can use sticker paper! Beware though, they’re each only good for one use so you’ll be making a lot of stencils. It easy to peel off the paper sticker when you’re done though, and do it under running water to keep the cream from getting on your hands)


Cross Stitching

This is an absolute favorite of mine and if you’re a fidgeter like me, get ready to discover your newest passion. Cross stitch takes forever, but you get amazing products out of it there are so many amazing designs to find online (here’s a link to the above whale pattern I made for a friend’s baby!) The supplies aren’t terribly expensive and there are huge communities online to help answer your questions or direct you to the best materials for your project. Here is a quick How-To guide that matches what I do! I recommend reading more than one source before getting started, and here are some general tips-

  • Do start on a smaller count thread, like 11 or 14, and start with a smaller project as well before moving onto bigger pieces so you get a feel for it.
  • I usually use 2 strands instead of 1, as it specifies in this link (when you buy thread it will be 6 strands together)
  • Make sure to get the right needle size for your aida cloth! This is easily searchable but I used a needle that was too small early on and it hurt my fingers and made it harder to control. Don’t make the same mistake!



il_570xn-1076750974_kidv screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-5-39-10-pm

This is my hobby of THIS holiday season! To the point that I’ve opened up an Etsy store and started selling them to fuel my crafting addiction. Check it out and if you want to make your own, here’s a great How-To that uses the same tools as me! I’ve got no additional pointers on this one except that you should totally check out my store (:

Happy Crafting!


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