Chocolate: A Guide to Making Your Christmas Super Nerdy

While the holiday creative juices flow through my veins, I am constantly flooded with new fun ideas to make and give. As a bonus, I’m working on being able to appreciate the chance to do my own fun thing for 6 hours at a time (which I will inevitably sacrifice in the future.)

I’m a pro at melting chocolate (it looks complicated, but it’s super easy and intuitive) so I wanted to do something new and fun with that ability. Also, I like nerdy stuff, including Star Wars. So after 7 days of “considering” the purchase, I bought myself these bad boys.  (And now they’re unavailable, PHEW glad I bought them when I did!) I spent about 6 hours on Saturday listening to (non-Christmas) music in the kitchen dancing around and making chocolates.

The highlight? These ones. While experimenting with milk and white chocolate, I realized – holy crap, this Vader is going to be perfect. So of course, Darth Vader is made of a milk chocolate front “dark side”, and on the back, a white chocolate/peppermint “light side.” Pretty fun, huh? Yeah, I enjoyed it. (And let’s be honest, if I can sneak puns into my snacks, I’m a happy girl.)

In case you’re interested in recreating these treats, here’s a “quick” set of instructions! (There are more ways to melt chocolate and stuff, but here’s how I do it)

Melting Chocolate


  • Molds (silicon molds like the ones linked to earlier are pretty great and very easy to pour into the molds and pop the chocolates out at the end and they are CRAZY detailed!)
  • Chocolate (milk and dark are easier than white, but honestly white didn’t give me that much trouble)
  • Food coloring (if you can find oil based that’s great, but I couldn’t, so I was just very careful about how much I used – the water in the dye can sometimes cause the chocolate to seize up be totally ruined)
  • Essential oils or flavor extracts (or any other flavoring oil, I used peppermint and orange)
  • Candy canes and a way to smash them (I put them in a gallon ziplock and used a meat tenderizer, Guy helped with this and had a lot of fun)
  • Vegetable oil (or any other flavorless cooking oil)
  • A small pot and a glass bowl that can sit on top of it (or a double boiler if you’re fancy)
  • Oven mitt
  • Big spoon, little spoon, fork, toothpicks (to stir, scrape off the big spoon, fill in the mold completely, and fix little mistakes, respectively)
  • Tons of paper towels


  1. When you get your silicon molds, wash them thoroughly and then dry them even more thoroughly – water is your worst enemy today
  2. Put water into the pot (just a little) and get it on the stove
  3. Put chocolate chips into the glass bowl
    1. If you want to flavor, use very little and put it in just a couple drops at a time – if it smells strong it’ll taste strong
    2. If you want food coloring, put it in before you start melting and stir it around (food coloring really only works with white chocolate)
  4. Put the glass bowl with your chocolate, etc onto the pot with the hot water – be careful to avoid getting steam into/around the chocolate, the water will ruin EVERYTHING
  5. The water should boil, but not a rolling boil. Once it’s getting hot you can turn it down to medium. Use the oven mitt when holding the glass bowl, it will get hot!
  6. Stir the chocolate chips a lot, making sure that the ones at the top get down to the bottom. They should start all melting together pretty quickly, and if you have food coloring it will look really cool!
  7. Optional – if you want to make the chocolate extra smooth, put a little big of vegetable oil in there – it makes it a bit silkier and doesn’t effect the taste!
  8. Have the silicon molds on hand near the stove. Once the chocolate is totally melted, pour it into the molds. (Do not use any type of non spray stick, it will mess up the mold and it’s totally unnecessary.) Use a spoon to scoop the chocolate into the molds and be careful not to overfill
  9. Hint – because water is your worst enemy here, I recommend drying off the bottom of the glass bowl with a kitchen towel before pouring because the boiling water from the pot will make the bowl wet and it may drip into your molds, which stinks
  10. Fill the whole sheet of molds before evening them out. Place the bowl on a trivet or a kitchen towel, not back on the heat yet
  11. Take the fork and even out the chocolate – make sure it gets into all the corners and doesn’t go up over the sides too much. Also gently tap it on the counter to make sure it’ll settle all the way into the mold
  12. Optional – if you’re adding candy cane bits, sprinkle them on the wet chocolate and gently press them in with the fork so that they stay better. Inevitably some will fall out, but if you push them in a bit you should be fine
  13. Put the mold in the freezer! Fridge works too but I was in a rush so I wanted them to get cold quickly
  14. Wait at least 30-60 minutes before trying to pull them out of the molds. When you do pull them out, push from underneath and be sure to loosen/pay attention to the corners of your shapes (if there are any) so that they don’t break off – the R2-D2’s I made all lost legs ):
  15. Place them on wax paper if they’re going to travel or keep them in the fridge longer
  16. Enjoy!

**If you’d like to do multiple chocolates, like the Darth Vaders, follow steps 1-10, but when filling the molds with milk/dark chocolate only fill them 2/3 of the way or so. Use a fork to brush the chocolate up along the sides, there should be a divot/space in the center. Put them in the freezer for a little while to let them cool and repeat steps 3-10 with white chocolate, pouring it into the left over space on top of the dark chocolate. (Don’t tap them on the counter!) Then jump to steps 13-16 (:


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