The Depressing Reality of Renting

Womp womp. Not a happy post but a necessary one! Guy and I are beginning the process of moving out of our current apartment (which we love) to live on our own without any roommates (who we also love, but we’re ready to be alone together). Our lease ends at the end of February.

Living in a big city renting is expensive. (The only thing MORE expensive is buying!) 1 year ago I lived with with my friend in a nice place – it was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 parking spaces and we paid (combined) $1425/month. We moved out 10 months ago, in early March.

I called the building manager of that nice apartment today to see if he might have anything available in the near future, as Guy and I are looking for a 2 bedroom with parking where we can have our cat and a future dog (and maybe future tiny humans). The manager was super nice, as he was when we lived there, and he said the rent is now $1790/month. Holy Mother of REMAX that is insane. Rent has increased OVER $300 IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR!

So we’re dealing with that. Luckily the manager is a fantastic person and he said he’d see if he can get it lowered at all, because they have some tenants who are having trouble paying and might have to get kicked out, and because I’ve lived there before and he had a great experience with me as a tenant… but damn, he’d have to cut a good $200 off for us to really consider it. And is he really that surprised that the tenants can’t pay – even with rent control (which limits the annual rent increase to at max 3%) those apartments are insanely expensive now.

Rough! Guess we’ll see what happens.


*Cartoon image courtesy of CartoonStock



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