Friday Name Day #12

Now we’re only ONE WEEK AWAY from going home for the holidays! I’ll be visiting with Guy’s family for a few days before we head to my family, and both of our families have LOTS of pets at their houses, which is inspiring this Friday Name Day – here are the best names for a baby that I originally heard used as pet names. Enjoy that!

I mean come on, it’s a gorgeous name. It’s so simple and short, but still 2 syllables which is great and gives more nick name flexibility. I heard it first through a friend from college who’s family dog was named Arlo and I fell in love – the dog and the name were just too cute to bear. This name has also gotten way more common on the last year, it was ranked #340 for boys in 2016, whereas it was in the 500s in 2015. Maybe everyone saw this guy’s dog?! Moral of the story: cute name + cute baby = happy mama.

This name is definitely also for humans, but the first Ruby I ever met was a cat. She was kind of mean, but also she was super cool. This is another one that’s short and sweet but multiple syllables (Guy has lots of syllables in his last name so a single syllable first name could be tough without a useable middle name). I also love that it’s a color – color names really get me! It feels old fashioned in a classic way, and if we get a red head she could be color-coordinated! (Guy does not love this idea, I think it’s hilarious and amazing.)

Have you named a kid after a pet? Where you named after a pet? I named my cat after Busy Phillip’s daughter (kind of a coincidence, kind of not) so that’s basically the same thing right?


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