To Do List Prep – Super Long Term

As I’ve said over and over, I am a planner in every way. I’m obsessed with my listing app (Wunderlist, use it!) and I use it for everything, including my goals for the next 2 years before Tiny might enter the world (check out my budgeting plans here).

Anyway, the other things I have on my To Do list are good too, so here they are to share! They mostly focus on me and how I can improve myself before we move onto the baby-makin’ stage.

The first, which goes back to my financial plans, is for Guy and I to have a net income of $100K/year, so that we can feel really comfortable financially. We have a lot of savings plans in place and my raise should be coming in as early as January!

Other than that, I have a few other staggered goals.

1) Cutting down on drinking, which I love to do socially. I’ve have a wine or beer with dinner sometimes during the week and we go out usually once a weekend, where I’ll have a beer or a margarita, if not 2 . So my staggered goals for that are over the course of the next year to cut it down to 2 drinks a week, then 1 drink a week, then nothing. I don’t want to be craving a glass of white wine while I’m pregnant!

2) Secondly, weight loss! Trust me, this is for sure something I’ll be coming back to in the near future. Right now I weigh a little over 150 and I want to get back down to 130 and fit before we start trying for all kinds of reasons. So on my staggered plan, I have check list items 145, 140, 135, and 130! Over 1.5 years that shouldn’t be too bad, but I’m worried I’ll put it off for too long… ugh gotta get healthy!

3) Getting the caffeine out of my diet. I’m not a huge coffee drinking, really I’m a tea fiend, but even that has enough caffeine that I’ll need to cut it out eventually. This should be an easy one, but I’m working my way down to 2 a week, then 1 a week, then none. If I can avoid caffeine and alcohol for the first half of 2018 leading up to May I’ll be stoked.

Besides those three increment driven items, I have a few random ones that I need to get done in advance. If anything thinks of anything I’m missing, let me know!

4) Dental Work – I’ll be getting new dental insurance in January and I already have my appointment scheduled – wanna make sure my chompers are in good standing.

5) Cat Check Up – As you’ve seen, I love my cat like my child. I am a die-hard cat mom and always will be. But, she has really bad teeth. Like, really bad. So before we start trying, definitely going to give her a solid once-over to make sure she won’t have any crazy medical emergencies when late 2018 is supposed to be about me and MY medical issues!

6) Get Married – should be self explanatory. Not sure when we’ll get to it but we’ve discussed it plenty of times, we want to have a party with some close family and friends and at the end, whelp, guess we’ll be married!

7) Besides that, stop taking medicine! Cut off my BC, try not to rely on headache medicine or allergy medicine as much as possible to get into the swing of the no-meds part. And of course add vitamins into the mix there and all the other special meds – but that all won’t start until probably early 2018.

Those are the big To-Do’s! I’m sure I’ll go into more detail later down the road, but I’m loving having this long list of things I have to tackle/conquer/eliminate before the time comes (:

(But seriously, let me know if I’m missing anything)


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