Star Wars and What It Means

Presumptuous title, huh? To clarify, this post will be about my excitement to become a multi-generation Star Wars family in the future.

I love Star Wars. I’ve loved Star Wars since my oldest cousin showed me A New Hope when I was 8. It was literally the only movie he ever showed me, I didn’t even KNOW there were 2 more out until I was like, 12 (thanks for catching me up, Dad).

Guy and I just bought our tickets to see Rogue One before we go back east for the holidays and I’m super excited. But before we bought the tickets, Guy had to call his dad and make sure it was okay with him if he saw the movie without him – even though we’re going to see it with him again 2 days later! His dad said it was fine, and although I was a little sad that he considered not going with me on opening night, it was adorable that he checked in.

You know what’ll be even more adorable? When Guy, his dad, and our Mini-Me get to watch Star Wars together! Sure, it might take a few years for Mini-Me to get it, but I’m sure we’ll show it to them far earlier than that.

And I mean seriously, there’s a chance her name would be Rae soooo yeah. She’ll like it. Or he’ll like it, although I’m not a huge fan of the name Luke. But we can deal with that later. (It’s not okay to name a kid Boba, right? Or Jengo? No? Oh well.)

I also plan on doing a baby registry solely featuring Star Wars baby toys from Toys R Us and stuff. And other nerdy things too, like I can’t wait until Tiny is old enough to play with a D20 and not try and eat it.

Yeah. Just can’t wait to share the things we love and grew up with with another tiny human who (genetically) will have a hard time not being a huge nerd.


**Image courtesy of Death Star Everywhere

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