Friday Name Day #13

Yay more names! I’m having so much fun going through my (very long) list of names I like on my phone and sharing them all with you. Here are some more unusual ones!

I’ve always found this name intriguing, and I like the way it looks. It sounds Irish, which works for me, and it’s uncommon but relatively easy to pronounce. Nicknames might be tough, but sometimes the best nicknames are totally random! Also, and this is another silly thing that I’m sure other people don’t think about – but Declan goes great as an eldest child name because “Declan and ______” rolls off the tongue well! My next brother after me in age, his name ends in “an” also and it’s very easy to call his name and the other younger kids’ names after it. Just saying, could be useful if you plan on have plenty more kids after Declan!

I was 99% sure I made this name up but nope! It’s a real name that was common in the 1920’s. Gotta love the baby name cycle coming back around. This name feels feminine (even though there are some famous men that have this name, like entrepreneur Everette Taylor) and it’s close to Evette, which I like, but Guy does NOT like. Might be too close but… I’ll see when we get there. The nicknames are also great, with anything from Eve to Evie to Ettie, all of which I find adorable.

I’ll be taking off the next couple Fridays to spend time with family, so happy last Friday Name Day of the year, see ya in 2017!


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