Friday Name Day #14

Hello hello hello from my mother’s house! Been home for 3 days and it has been amazing (stopped at Guy’s family for a few days too, there will be a whole other post about that.) Saw some of my best friends from childhood the other night (INCLUDING ONE OF THEM’S BABY) and it was the nicest night ever. We talked about baby names and here are the most amazing ones we can up with…

Yes, we would like to name a child Banjo. Of my ladies and I, three of us are married to/engaged to/dating guys with B last names. As lovers of matching initials we agreed that Banjo is an amazing name (this was all in jest of course…but… Banjo is a great, great, great joke name for a tiny human.)

This one was a little more serious, at least more than Banjo, and one of my girlfriends loves it. Though I can agree Dory is pretty cute, the hang up with her husband about the name Dory is that it would be after her aunt whose full name is Doreta, and he is not a huge fan of Doreta for a baby girl! I might agree with him on this one secretly haha.

Enjoy these silly baby names! What’s your best joke baby name? 


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