New Year’s Confessions

I know, I’m being dramatic.

But here are my confessions for the end of the year. I want to move into 2017 at 100%, feeling good and healthy and motivated. And we’re on that path! But I want to write some things down first.

I’m not great at having best friends.
Even though I feel like I have a lot of friends, I can fall off the texting/ calling/ facebooking/ messaging wagon pretty easily. I wish I was better at keeping in touch, but with this new age constant connectedness, it makes me less appreciative that I can talk to anyone I want, whenever I want to. I’ll answer a text no matter what as soon as possible, but I am rarely a good messaging instigator. I want to try and get better at this, touching base with my lovely friends around the world on a regular schedule. I want to stay in their lives and I want them to stay in my mine (and our future children need to know each other!).

My attention span is sadly short.
Not to say this is a hugely bad thing, but I am intense. I find a new thing I like and I will do it A LOT for 1-2 weeks. After that it’s a crap shoot. That’s why I’ve dropped off this blog a couple times, only to suddenly pop back up in full swing. But this is a huge goal of mine. To keep at this, and to keep at all the other activities and hobbies I come across with gusto only to put down and not pick up again for a year. I will be better at this in 2017!

I give into impulse.
So I’m not TERRIBLE at this, but I could absolutely be better. I get dessert just a little too often, I’ll buy something in the stupid check out aisle bins at World Market. These aren’t things I need, they’re things I want. I can be an instant gratification clown and that’s frustrating – I don’t want to be, while I’m sitting here writing diligently, but trust me, it’ll hit full force when I’m out to eat or shopping with some Christmas gift cards… This is a hard thing to control, and it’s a hard thing to outgrow. I’m not incapacitated by it, and I’m lucky, but I know it’s something that can get out of hand. So fingers crossed and shoved into my pockets so as to NOT have dessert!

What are you working on for the new year??


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