Post Holiday Spectacular

As one can imagine, the holidays are a time when real emotions come out, family asks the big questions, and I sit around bitting my nails wondering if Guy and I will be officially engaged soon.

Here is my official holidays highlights/lowlights list, and trust me, we’ll be seeing these topics in upcoming posts FOR SURE.

EVENT: Guy and I got to see every single member of each other’s families at the holidays for the first time ever.

HIGHLIGHT: We live on the west coast and our families are about 6 hours apart on the east coast, so when we travel east we try to see everyone we can, although it’s a lot. This year we were both lucky enough to get 2 full weeks off and do 4/5 days together on either end (spending Christmas day with our own families for probably the last time). This vacation was truly magical. We spent time with his grandparents, who I find absolutely charming, and I feel totally comfortable with his parents and sister and his friends from childhood! It’s so refreshing and nice to have all of these amazing people around, even if it’s for a short while.

LOWLIGHT: It was great to see everyone but it left both of us with the realization that these people live really, really far away from us. It’s hard to think about our future as parents and not have our own parents or siblings living nearby. That safety net is such a benefit and I always imagined by children having their grandparents around, but with our career choice it’s just not realistic during the beginning of their lives. Here’s hoping for numerous visits and constant Skype sessions!


EVENT: Our families, even though we asked them not to, gifted us with tons of awesome stuff for our future apartment (coming in March!)

HIGHLIGHT: I mean, they all got us so much stuff, I was blown away. To be fair, we both have divorced parents so we have 4 immediately family Christmases plus extended family, but it was still a lot. It makes me happy to know that my family and his family are supportive and thoughtful, and they have been paying attention to us and had so many amazing ideas for things we’ll need! Guy’s parents even gave us a “gift certificate” for a new bed, which is unbelievably generous of them (to be fair, our current bed is broken and I totally whined about it when they were here last, oops!)

LOWLIGHT: We could NOT carry all the stuff we got back in our suitcases. So yeah that was fun, we added an extra suitcase (luckily Guy didn’t have a carry on, so this one was free) and brought a bunch of stuff back. We’ll have to have more stuff shipped back to us and we are totally running out of room in our current apartment – sharing basically just a master bedroom with someone is tough! The whole thing made me really think about moving in together into our OWN place, which is ever so slowly getting nearer, but my total and complete lack of patience on the subject made this over-packing fiasco hit home.


EVENT: Guy and I hung out with children of all ages – from my best friend’s 8 month old, to my cousin’s 9, 6, and 4 year old kids, to my 16 and 13 year old cousins.

HIGHLIGHT: Every kid we saw this vacation LOVED HIM. It was amazing. We got breakfast with my friend, her husband, and their 8 month old and the baby could not stop laughing at him. He chimed in while we talked about baby milestones and their family’s crazy work schedule and seemed genuinely interested. All the little cousins, from 4 to 16, got a kick out of him. Maybe it was because he was a new person at our giant family Christmas party but the young kids thought he was a hoot. He played with them while meeting 40 other people I’m related to, and admitted that he has never heard the phrase, “wow, welcome to the family!” so many times in one night (mostly from adults who caught the young cousins ribbing him by mispronouncing his name).

LOWLIGHT: The lowlight is that WE STILL HAVE TO WAIT. I am so ready to see him being active with our kids and playing and being an awesome, amazing dad. (Yes, I know I’m using amazing a lot, but it’s just so amazingly accurate.) This was definitely the most I’ve seen him interact with children and it warmed my heart so much. We don’t spend a lot of time around kids together at home (like I said, we’re apart from family and when I’m with kids I’m usually working so he isn’t there) but this just made my baby rabies go into overdrive. So yeah, he’s great with kids dammit, that’s going to make the next two years so hard, ugh.


I hope your holidays were a massive success! This time of year can be so stressful, but at the end of the day when you’re sitting down with family, it’s hard not to be thankful for everything around you.

*Image courtesy of premier luxury rental

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