Babies and Puppies and Kitties, Oh My!

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, I love babies. I want to be around babies, I want to have babies, I want to cuddle babies all the time. I also love my cat, who is my little spoon and shares my pillow (it’s cute, not weird.) And my Guy loves dogs, maybe more than he loves people.

I am infinitely excited to have a baby and a pet at the same time. My cat is affectionate and loving, and I am so ready for it to be hilarious when she interacts with our future kids. She has never met a baby but she loves the two of us, so I can see them becoming fast friends. On top of that, we’ve been talking a lot about getting a dog (not in front of the cat, of course) in our future. Guy wants one so badly, and even though our current (and likely next) apartment won’t allow dogs, it’s something we know will happen one day.

This week a ton of people I know have been posting a link to a certain set of photos by photographer Andy Seliverstoff. The series is titled, you guessed it, Little Kids and Their Big Dogs.


Oh my god.

They make my heart melt. They’re AMAZING. It’s also helpful that I’m originally from somewhere snowy and a lot of the pictures feature snow (the photographer is Russian, so yeah.) (PS You can see the set of his photo set HERE! And buy his book!)

As a kid I didn’t have big pets, I had rabbits, budgies, hamsters, hermit crabs, everything under 5 pounds. We only got cats when I was a teenager and I only got my own cat when I moved out after college. (My cat is the second love of my life after Guy. And even then, sometimes they switch between first and second, depending on who I’m cuddling.)

I am already so looking forward to having a kid with pets. Spending time with animals, learning responsibility, feeling comfort and unconditional love with another living thing. It melts all of me.

As a note, about a year and a half ago I wrote “do everything you can to avoid the baby and puppy within a year scenario” and I need to take that back. If you want to do it, do it! It is suddenly quite likely that I might do exactly that… my how things change!


*All photos belong to Andy Seliverstoff’s “Little Kids and their Big Dogs” collection, on Great Dane Photography. Look him up!!!

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