Friday Name Day #15

Here we go with 2017’s first Friday Name Day! As mentioned before, this holiday break was FULL of amazing discussions with Guy, including names we love and don’t love. Here are two that we agreed we really, genuinely like (and could see ourselves using!)

I’m not really sure where this one came from but it popped into my brain on Christmas Eve, and because Guy and I were apart I sent him a text “You know, I think I really like the name Knox.” His response came quickly and he said “Weird, but I like it.” At this point, “weird but I like it” is the goal – something different, unique, and memorable. On the bus to the airport a week later we talked about it more and we each said it a bunch of times without changing our minds! It did come up that there’s no obvious nickname, but that’s where I clever middle name comes in, in my opinion.

Guy has been talking about this name forever, and although I wasn’t in love with it as first, it’s certainly growing on me. (And I think I mentioned this before but Guy’s last name has a color in it, so I do really like the idea of plants, flowers, or other colors in the first name too.) This one is cute and simple, and although it’s become more popular in recent years, it still feels unique. And even though I really like the name Olivia, that was the name of a girl I did NOT like in high school, and this is close enough that it’s still appealing but different enough that it’s removed from her! (Phew.) Plus I’m into the nickname Oli if she’s spunky.

Anyone else having baby name talks recently? What do you like??


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