Me First

One of the hardest things that I’m trying to learn is that before I can be responsible for a tiny person, I need to be 100% responsible for myself (and a little responsible for Guy too.)

This month I have ALL my doctor appointments scheduled for annual visits. I’ve scheduled time with my OBGYN, my new dentist, and my therapist.

Last Friday I went in to see my therapist (technically she’s a social worker, but my insurance gives good coverage and she’s great to talk to!) Her and I have been talking on occasion about dealing with stress, managing my insatiable drive to have a kid, and how I feel about my shortcomings. We had an extremely productive talk and got a lot out, which helped me talk with Guy more about how I’m feeling and what I’m hoping our future will look like. I am a VERY strong advocate of mental health and seeking out someone like this to speak to, even if it’s just about a bad work week or a silly little problem. I’m the kind of person who gains clarity by talking my problems out, and talking to a mental health physician is a fantastic option for a lot of people!

Then this morning I had my first dentist appointment in 3 years (oops). It was a new location super close to my current apartment and everyone was really nice. I am still distraught over my very first cavity, but they fixed it for me right then and there during my cleaning and the copay was only $30! I am so happy to have dental insurance for the first time in 3 years. Absolutely worth it. I spoke with the doctor about long term plans as well – I have TMJ so I get jaw pain sometimes, and she had one of the girls give me multiple write ups on estimates for a variety of procedures that might help. Such a good first visit!

In about 2 weeks I have my annual appointment with my OBGYN, who I also really like. My plan is to talk with her about ending birth control next year (it’s coming up so fast!) and what I can do to better myself and prepare my mind and body for the eventual creation of a human life. (It’s a big deal, people). I can’t wait to see her and get her thoughts, this is an appointment I’ve always looked forward to. I will finally be telling my DOCTOR that I want to have a BABY and we’ll talk about it like REAL GROWN-ASS ADULTS.

Also yes I will be working on my pirate mouth before the baby comes.

I feel so glad to be getting myself into better shape and checking off some boxes on my long to do list. Feelin’ healthy and loving it! Gonna crush this new diet too, stay tuned to hear about my super fun times with my new Nutribullet!


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