Apartment Hunting – Part 2

Honestly didn’t think I’d be writing this Part 2 so quickly, but here goes!

To recap the last couple of weeks – I’ve been slowly beginning the apartment hunting process, so that we can become familiar with the current prices in the area and establish our budget. Previously I posted about our Must Have’s and our Would Be Greats in my first apartment hunting post.

Well before we even officially started looking, I asked our current landlord if she had any 2 bedrooms available. Unfortunately she did not, and as our building is only 10 units, she was confident nothing would be coming up in the near future.

BOY WAS SHE WRONG! She emailed me at the end of last week to let me know that the family in apartment 9 (literally the next apartment over from us) is moving soon because of work. I asked her what the rent was, and although it’s slightly above budget for us, Guy and I have a viewing scheduled for TONIGHT!

I wish I could fully convey for you what it means that this place might be available. I am a planner with a vicious fear of unknown variables and not being in control. Because we are at the point that we’re looking for an apartment we can live in for the foreseeable future (and start our family there best case scenario!) I’ve been worried about long term issues – if we move somewhere new will the landlord be nice? Will our neighbors be loud? Will our mail be stolen? Will we have trouble finding parking? Will the air conditioning really work? Being able to stay in the same building would give us a priceless sense of security that is literally impossible anywhere else. (Except maybe the apartment I used to live in, which we looked at, but was totally full and also out of budget.)

Long story short – we want a reliable place for the long term in a rent controlled building, meaning that even if we’re at the top of our budget now, the rent can only be increased by 3% each year, while other buildings (i.e. signing a new lease somewhere else) often are raised about 10% each year.

I will be posting a Part 3 soon, I hope, but here is what we’re excepting to see in our viewing tonight, based on my previous lists:

Must Haves:

  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bath – CHECK +
  • Closet space – CHECK +
  • Some form of air conditioning – CHECK +
  • 1 Parking space – CHECK +
  • Allows cats – CHECK +

Would Be Greats:

  • 1.5 or 2 baths – CHECK – 2 bathrooms!
  • 2nd Parking space – CHECK – Gated covered parking!
  • Not on the ground floor – CHECK – Townhouse style which is even better, ground floor living making for easy in and out but second floor sleeping for security!
  • Central air – CHECK – AC and heat!
  • Walking to grocery store or pharmacy – CHECK – literally to our already perfectly convenient grocery story and pharmacy

Bonus Awesome Things:

  • Non-carpet flooring – CHECK – Hardwood all the way!
  • Working elevator – CHECK, KIND OF – No need for elevators, our own private stairs inside!
  • Small building (20 units or less) – CHECK – Just 10! And our friends are staying in our current apartment so our friend group is 20% of the complex!
  • Walking to bars or restaurants – CHECK – YUP! To our already established favorite Mexican food happy hour!
  • Plentiful nearby street parking for friends – CHECK – So! Much!
  • Split level/Townhouse layout – CHECK – YES!
  • Close to my commute to work – CHECK – YES!
  • Fridge & basic appliances (microwave, dishwasher)  – CHECK, KIND OF – No fridge but that’s rare, new dishwasher and disposal though!
  • New shower – Nope. Technically it won’t have this, but at this point I don’t even care anymore. Everything else is literally perfect.

In case you can’t tell, I’m so excited to see this place tonight. Fingers crossed it’s meant to be, and that we get it!

*Image courtesy of livelovely.blog

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