Apartment Hunting – Part 3

After a slight delay we got a chance to see the apartment we’re interested in. Our landlord met us this morning (it’s in the same building as where we currently live) and gave us a tour.

As soon as we walked in I knew it was our dream apartment. When I looked over at Guy I could tell he thought the same thing too! He quickly started asking questions about when the current tenants are leaving (there’s no official 30 days notice yet, but they’ll be moving soon due to a work transfer) and it was just perfect to hear him getting excited.

The place is beyond our wildest dreams, and checks off almost every single thing on our wish list – AND would be compatible with a baby in the next few years! There’s a tub, plenty of space in the dining room for a highchair, and storage space right inside the doorway for a strollers and the like. The outdoor patio was big and private and all the bedrooms and bathrooms have windows (which is not always a given in the city, eek.)

I am so far past happy at this moment. The only thing to do now is wait until it’s ready! Which will definitely be difficult because we are so ready to move now. When I get that email from her telling us that they’re giving their 30 days I’ll probably jump for joy! Not to mention having our best friends living down the hall in our old apartment. Doesn’t get much better than that.


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