Frugality and Adulting

Yes, I enjoy the word “Adulting.” It feels appropriately childish if I’m being honest.

I’m here to talk about MONEY. Specifically and on purpose. I had a big post about our financial planning and so far saving is going well – here are some other savings tips I’m hoping to pass on!

Use Coupons.
I hope I don’t have to explain this one. Pretty much always use coupons. And buy store brand when you can (double check ingredients if you want.) Except with tampons – I always have bad luck with store brand tampons.

Ask for a Cheaper Price!
This is a big one, and actually what inspired me to write this post in the first place. Twice now in the last month I’ve reached out to different service providers and asked for a lower monthly cost and I’ve gotten them both! I want to reach out to everyone else now and see what I can do.

The first place I reached out to was Hulu. Hulu is my absolute favorite thing in the world. We don’t have cable, but all the shows we watch are on Hulu (just regular paid Hulu, not that fancy commercial-free kind.) I was paying $7.99/month when I came across a promotion for new customers that was $5.99/month for a year. I emailed the company, saying that I’ve been a loyal customer for years (4, to be exact) and could I please also have this discount. I didn’t get an email back but my next bill was down! It’s not anything huge, but $2 a month on all my bills would be amazing.

The second place was Verizon. I know, crazy. I had a pretty great loyalty plan with them up until a couple months ago that was the lowest price I’d ever seen – $60/month for unlimited talk and text, 2 gig of data (seriously, use wifi, people.) When they introduced their new style of plans, “tiers” I was encouraged to switch and told it would be cheaper. Not the case! My bill went up to $90 and that was not okay. (There was also a secret fee in there for owning my own phone or something, which feels very wrong.) I opened their chat and asked them to put me back on my old plan – I assumed this would be a long fight filled with tears and angry typing and hours of stress – but the lady did it right away! Didn’t have to fake it or anything, I already got an email confirming that it’ll go back to my exact old plan. Helps to ask for what you want, doesn’t it?

Seriously, this lady was the best customer sales rep ever.

Rebate Apps.
I was absolutely skeptical of these for a while, but after reading tons of reviews I landed on the app “Ibotta.” I also appreciate the play on words there. (Say it out loud, it sounds like “I bought a…”) Anyway this app is great and realistic. They have rebates on stuff like fruits and vegetables, plus their rebates change every week so if you don’t see anything you buy one week, try again next week and they might have your favorite snack! This does kind of go against my “buy store brand things” mantra, but sometimes you can’t help it. I like to drink beer or wine on occasion, and to get a couple bucks back is nice. They also offer combination discounts. The process is simple but remember not to let anyone throw away your receipts or boxes before you scan them – by taking pictures of the items bar codes and your shopping receipts, you can quickly and simply prove what you bought and get your rebate. I do mine when I’m putting away groceries. Adds a couple seconds but that’s really it (and you don’t have to scan fruits and veggies!)

When you reach the withdraw minimum, I think it’s $20 or $25, you can get your rebates in the form of a gift card or via PayPal, which feels nice and secure. I highly recommend this!


I’ll hopefully update again in the future with the hopes of getting other discounts, so stay tuned!

PS Since originally writing this I spoke to our car insurance provider, Geico, and although I couldn’t get a discount for buying a dash cam (my rate is already very low as it is) Guy was able to reduce his monthly bill by $25! He is currently working from home so his monthly average is way down. His insurance is way more than mine because he has a lease, but that discount is going to go FAR!



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