Keeping on Schedule When No One Else Can

It’s been a rough couple of weeks (or 10 days to be exact, and that’s a coincidence I promise.)

Our apartment move is still on pause – I am trying to stay patient because it’s our dream place, and I want the current tenants to have an easy move on their end as well, I’m just ready for “our” first place as grown ups!

My work situation remains unchanged – I’m on track for a raise in “early 2017” and a title bump around the same time, and we’re supposed to be upgrading office buildings soon but all of that continues to get pushed as well.

I had an appointment with by OBGYN scheduled for this morning and it was cancelled last minute (literally last minute, I was already driving there…) and they’re rescheduled me for early March – 5 weeks away. They didn’t have any other doctors available either. This all adds onto the big work pile, because we’re supposed to get work health insurance too, along with those pay bumps.

So with all that – It’s really, really hard to be waiting on other things. I’m doing all I can do, working hard, scheduling things far in advance, checking off all my preparation boxes, and still things can’t just go along as planned.

And on top of it I feel guilty for feeling such frustration with these things when I am still so well off – at least I have a home, I have a job, and I have health care, even if it’s minimal. Which brings it all back into a circle of stress, unfortunately.

I sit here very impatiently waiting. Just wanted everyone to know that my brain hurts!


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