Friday Name Day #16

Happy 2017 and welcome back to Friday Name Day! As it turns out, doing this every week is tough and there are only so many good names out there. But lucky for me, and you, I’ve found a few more!

Also, as a PS before we actually start (so technically a Pre Script instead of a Post Script) Guy and I have had a lot of conversations about names recently… and we have running favorites! How amazing is that? We obviously have time to change and decide if we like the names or not but now there are official “names to be beat” which is one of the coolest feelings ever. Anyway, here we go!

Technically yes, I’m putting this down as a boy’s name but I love it for either gender. If you can get past that it’s the rat’s name in Ratatouille (the movie) then it’s pretty darn adorable. The spelling is also a little up in the air – maybe “Remy” would be better? I have my own personal hang ups about “y”s but I’m sure I could be swayed, especially if the name were for a boy. But I like a lot about this name. I like that it’s short and simple, and quite unique. I’ve never met a person in real life who had this name. It would likely be best as a third child name, after two slightly longer sibling names (that’s how my family was!).

Another one that kind of goes with other names I’ve come up with before, but this one I really enjoy. It’s simple and classical but again, unique! I’m also a fan of the nickname CeCe, which could work. It’s an interesting name because it shows up in a number of different languages, likely because of it’s Latin origins, but it sounds beautiful in every one! The name is become more popular recently, rising to #181 in the US last year – which is a little high for my liking. I’m more of a #300 or lower type as far as “rare” goes! But who knows – it’s still a great one!


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