“Waiting to Try” Communities and Finding Acceptance

When I first began this blog, I felt very much alone. Like I had to be the only young woman in the world (or at least in my city) who was fighting off the urge to have babies on the daily. I wrote this mostly as a therapeutic tool, getting my feelings down on paper to alleviate the weight they held on me.

A little while later, after writing alone and feeling alone, I somehow discovered (honestly I don’t remember how I found it) an online community of women (and men!) who were dealing with the same thing I was.

I just want to share that if you are struggling with stress, or purpose, or anxiety and anticipation, no matter what is happening to you there are others like you. Look for those communities! I now share my thoughts and concerns with the other users over there pretty regularly and gain a feeling of camaraderie with many as we share our thoughts and feelings and make it through the long wait together.

If you’re interested in joining a group like this and to find support, visit reddit.com/r/waiting_to_try and join the wait!


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