Today I am the age my Mother was when I was born.

And that’s been super, super hard for me.

As a kid I thought I would grow up and be just like my mother – a stay-at-home mom with side business, a strong-willed woman with a love for sports, and a handful of kids whose lives she was heavily involved in.

When my parents got divorced and I realized that it’s not the 90’s anymore, I realized that would never be my life.

I still aim to give my kids everything she gave us – attention, love, lessons, involvement, pressure, support, hugs, and everything in between. She was (and is!) an amazing mom.

Today I am the exact age – to the day – that my mom was when she had me. To be fair, she was already married, and my dad had a long-term job, and they had a very affordable living situation. She gave up her career and had me. And there’s a part of me that wishes for that flexibility, but we live in a two-income-family town, and there’s no way around that.

I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and that I do have. But I will always know that that day has passed, and things are different now. The world is a different place in every way, but is it bad to wish for simpler times? Maybe.

It’s a hard day to move past, in a life where all I can think about is building a family and a life with the Guy I love, but I try to remind myself each day that everything I do, I do for future us.

Give your mom a hug today, for me.


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