Idle Hands… are boring and should be used for crafts.

Without fail, every couple of months my entire body and soul is attracted to a new craft – from cross stitching, to digital painting, to molding chocolate candies, I can’t deny the urge to create.

This month? It was knitting.

You guys. How did I go this long without knowing how to knit!? I didn’t get into the knitting class in 6th grade, but I had some friends try and teach me. I wasn’t super teachable at that age.

Well, 2 weeks ago I posted on social media asking my friends who knew how to knit for some tips.


The comments rolled in and I was off! I ordered supplies that night, based on recommendations and a few answered questions, and 3 days later I was watching YouTube videos and knitting to my heart’s content. It took a few days to get the basics down, but now it’s been what… 10 days?

I’ve already finished a small project (I’m calling it a “baby scarf” because it’s way smaller than the pattern originally called for) and last night I stopped at Jo-ann Fabrics armed with a coupon on another yarn recommendation and boom! I’m about 10% of the way into a “small blanket” (although who am I kidding, it’s a friggin baby blanket.)

My hands are happy and my heart feels GOOD to be working on a substantial project! I want to learn more but for now I’m getting content with simple steps and learning how to fix mistakes and work consistently.

Seriously though. If you think you might want to try knitting, do it! It’s fun and actually pretty easy to learn via YouTube tutorials. And it’s amazing for doing in front of the TV, if you’re careful enough to pay attention to the knitting as you’re starting out.



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