Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day is always interesting for us, mostly because it’s right smack in between my birthday and our anniversary. We don’t do anything big but we try and do something together.

This year, Guy has to work on Valentine’s Day pretty late, probably until 11PM or so, so we celebrated last night! We went to dinner and I gave him the home made fudge I prepared (it’s almost sickly sweet, so we’ll be eating it one bite a day for the next year). Dinner was great – we went to a restaurant that’s all appetizers, so you get 4 things and share it all, which was an amazing way to have dinner – and the conversation was even better!

We’ve talked about out entire future – where we want to live, how we want to be, when we want certain things to happen, everything. But last night (and I love when he does this) Guy brings up what he knows to be my favorite topics. Do we still like those baby names we discussed a month ago? What about middle names? When would we want to have a second or third kid? What do we hope they get from each of us, genetically?

The most romantic, silly, hypothetically conversation ever. And he doesn’t even know that my gift to him is 23andme for the two of us! But I KNOW he’ll like it.

It was a fantastic meal with amazing conversation and specific things like who would we invite to our wedding? Does our ideal wedding date match up with when we’d want to start trying for a kid? What is the weather like where we want to get married during that time of the year?

All I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to spend time with him and I did – and the conversation couldn’t have been better.

Communication makes me happy and makes for an amazing date night (even if my stomach gets upset at the end and I pass out while watching Friends before Guy even comes to bed, oops.)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone !


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