Friendship, Family, and the Future

Since the holidays, Guy and I have made a healthy habit of talking about our future on a regular basis. With our living situation and his job situation having been in flux recently, it’s important to both of us that we stay on the same page and check in on our long term plans.

I love talking about the future (see every post I’ve ever written) and one thing that comes up a lot for us is how will our life change when we have kids?

That day could be as soon as 2 years from now (FINGERS CROSSED!) and it will upend a lot of our life together. We feel we’ll be ready then but the biggest thing that’s crossed our mind recently is will our friends be ready?

We have a close group of friends all in our mid/late 20’s and working. A couple are married, a few are engaged, some are dating, and others are single. We’re a surprisingly diverse group of people as far as where our priorities lie, which is interesting. Already we’ve talked about the odds of us being first to have kids (it’s actually pretty high), which of our friends will earn the title of “aunt” or “uncle,” and who we might not see as much anymore post baby birth. We’ve all lived together and known each other for between 4-7 years.

These are solid friendships, but will inevitably be changed by the addition of a tiny human. I feel lucky that I don’t have to “worry” about losing friends, and in all likelihood it’ll be a novelty to have a little one around if we’re first. And so many of our friends do want a family eventually, I can’t see us really losing them as people, likely just losing the occasional Happy Hour dates or something. It would also mean Guy and I going out at different times, if one of us is to stay home with Tiny.

This is ultimately a worry for down the line, but something that I do think about when our friends get together. No matter what I can’t wait for the day that my friends get to meet our little one, and I know the best of them will stick around through thick and thin!

Have you guys experienced friends having kids? What was it like when the first baby showed up?


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