23andme: Part 1

Earlier this week was Valentine’s Day, and on Tuesday night Guy and I exchanged gifts. (It’s close to my birthday so we don’t usually do anything big, but I like to get him fun stuff.)

In the morning he woke me up with flowers and asked me to be his Valentine – of course I said yes. Later that day at work I received a delivery with chocolate covered strawberries! It was a real surprise and such a special treat on a busy work day. We went to a show that night and once we got home, pretty late mind you, we swapped gifts and cards. The cards were adorable as usual, and the stuff he got me was really sweet.

My big gift to him was, as justification for this post, 23andme genetic testing kits for both of us! We’ve been talking about our future and our future children, wondering if they’ll get his hair and eye color or mine, how tall they might be, which of our parents they might take after. Those kinds of conversations make me SO happy and excited for our future! (Check out my earlier post about basic genetics and how fascinating they are here.)

The 23andme kits came (in an unmarked FedEx package) a couple days ago. When he opened them he was genuinely excited! And us doing them together will hopefully spark more exciting discussion, and really close to the one-year-from-trying date on the calendar (that would be if the test get back to us in April).

I’ll be posting updates on our experience because I am so excited and I did a lot of research on the kits before I ordered them. Stay tuned for more info on how the process goes! I’ll do my best to document and help you decide if the 23andme kits are something you’d like to do, too!


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